We Believe the most effective mentoring experience is achieved through one-on-one, ​long term relationships with two people who are actively engaged.

What Does it Take to be a Mentor?

First and foremost, it takes heart - which we know you already have since you are exploring the idea of becoming a mentor. Here's what you will need to do:

  • Make a 1 year commitment to see a student at least twice per month
  • Complete the necessary paperwork and pass a background check
  • Attend an initial training session
  • Attend on-going training and support, as needed


Our job is to make the best match possible based on gender, common interests, career aspirations, and whenever possible, background and culture.

After the match is struck

Mentors are encouraged to develop long lasting relationships with students and continuously encourage, motivate, and help open doors.  The goal is to achieve on-time graduation and set students on the path to achieve their life goals and become leaders in their community.


You and your student will decide how you want to spend your time together and how frequently you will meet.  From hitting the trails for a hike, going out to dinner or to an event, or meeting at school for lunch, it is totally up to you.


Mentoring for Leadership hosts group activities for mentors and students to socialize and promote a sense of belonging to the community.  For our mentors, it's a chance to meet other mentors and get to know their students as they interact with their peers.  Our students and mentors don’t just have fun together…they experience new opportunities together.