We Believe in the power of the "Be There" experience - hands-on, life enhancing, character building encounters

Ignite the Passion

By offering your experience and opening the doors of your business, you can ignite the passion in students who have never been exposed to opportunities in your career field.


You may offer to host a large group of students  or just one student who has expressed an interest in pursuing a career like yours.  Our goal is to give our students the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the world and possible careers.


Lockheed, Wellstar, the Braves, Iberia Bank and the Marietta Police Department are just a few of the businesses that have invited a group of students to visit and see the work that is done behind the scenes.   On a smaller scale, two of our students who were interested in aeronautics visited Lockheed for a private tour.  Another student expressed an interest in the culinary arts so his mentor arranged a "Be There" experience at a restaurant where his son was the chef.


If you are interested in sharing what you do with one student or a group, please contact us.

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