We believe ​that people can overcome their circumstances building self-esteem and creating a better future.


Who We Serve

Marietta Mentoring for Leadership currently serves almost 180 students in Marietta City Schools, grades 6 through 12.  Our goal is to grow the number of students in the program to 200 by 2020.


Our students have been recognized by teachers and administrators to have high potential and benefit from the support of a dedicated community mentor to help them reach graduation, open doors, and fulfill their dreams.

  • 85% of our students are from low income families
  • 80% are from single parent families.
  • 22% live with a guardian other than their parent
  • 17% have been homeless at some time in the last two years


Students are carefully matched with a mentor from the community based on gender, common interests and career aspirations, and whenever possible, similar background and culture. In addition to the one-on-one time the students spend with their mentor, they participate in group activities to broaden their knowledge of their school curriculum and their community, learn leadership and team building skills, and grow socially. Mentors participate in on-going training and are encouraged to attend group activities with their students to build the relationship and meet other mentors.

Students gradudated high school 89% 80% 92% 92% 84%
Students going to college 63% 88% 82% 90% 67%

Of students who have participated in the program:

  • 80% have improved their grades
  • 80% report they have learned from their mentors
  • 80% say the program has taught them values such as respect, perseverance, and team work