Today's "Share the Love" Feature: Brian Jordon, Mentee and Jim Woods, Mentor

Below you'll hear from Brian Jordon (mentee) and Jim Woods (mentor):

Mentee Perspective:
Being a part of this program has meant more to me than most will ever know. I have been a part of the mentoring program since August of 2009 and it has only gotten better. I have learned so many wonderful things and it has helped me with my own identity, self-confidence as well as setting goals for myself. The program has been more so of a God sent to me, especially my mentor Mr. Jim. He has been a major part of my life and he is a positive male role model that any young can look up to. It has been more than just a mentor and mentee relationship, he made me a part of his family and he became a part of mine. From day one I felt like Mr. Jim and Ms. Kellogg really cared about how I did in school every day. 

Having that extra helping hand has been a great thing because sometimes I take constructive criticism better from him than my parents. The drive and passion I have for life now is because of my parents but also from being a part of this program and Mr. Jim coming and pushing me to be a better person, a better man and just a better me in general. Before I joined the program I was somewhat of a shy person but now I can talk to anyone, anywhere because being a mentee has placed me in a diverse group where I had to speak up. Being mentored has opened my eyes to a lot of things such as being able to try new things that I would’ve never done before. For example, when we went up to the cabin the activities such as hiking are experiences that I would not have tried. The old me would’ve never walked up a mountain and through a waterfall like that but now I wish I could do it all over again. Mentoring means the opportunity to meet a person who can positively change your life, your views and your destiny. I am truly grateful for being selected to participate. 

-Brian Jordon, Mentee

Mentor Perspective:
When Beverly McAfee approached me about becoming a mentor with MFL, I agreed to do it with a great deal of reservation because of the time involved and the fact that was going to invest not only my time, but my emotions in someone that I didn't have a clue about. I agreed in spite of my instincts to say no because, well, because you don't say no to "Mimi"!

What a great decision! I have been blessed in so many different ways by my involvement with MFL, but the greatest blessing has been the opportunity to get to know and develop a relationship with my "mentee Brian Jordon". The truth of the matter is that I honestly feel I have received every bit as much FROM our relationship as I have put into it, probably more. Brian, and to some degree his Mom, Keasha, have become extended members of our family, and have added a new and interesting dynamic into our family life.

What I expected to be a "chore" has become an incredible blessing and a source of fun and fellowship with an outstanding young man. I would urge anyone to seriously consider becoming involved with MFL in some capacity - you will be blessed beyond measure!"

- Jim Woods, Mentor

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