Today's "Share the Love" Feature: CJ Malone, 2020 Graduate 

CJ Malone is currently at Kennesaw State University studying Public Relations and plans on pursuing film acting after graduation. Meanwhile, he’s interning at his church, working at Starbucks and brightening everyone’s day!


Below are some snippets from CJ's senior essay sharing what the Marietta Mentoring for Leadership Program has meant to him:

The mentoring for leadership program became a family to me in many respects. Not only did they give me experiences I would’ve never dreamed to do, but they gave me an abundance of support and instilled a belief in me that planted itself into my very soul.

This family has showed me time and time again that they genuinely love me without asking for anything in return, Mrs. McAfee, Mrs. Kellogg, Mrs. Joyce, Mrs. Kristen, Miss Claire, and every mentor, student, board member, and sponsor are important parts of this family. I am eternally grateful for everything that they have done and for the path they have put me on.

I’m going to college! I’m going to pursue my dreams! 

Sometimes I try to imagine how far I would’ve come if you haven’t sewn those seeds. In all honesty, I just can’t.

You have made such a significant impact that I can’t tell you how my life would’ve been without this program. You knocked on my door exactly when I needed you to. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have grown to be so comfortable in my own skin or have ever lived up to being Mr. MHS. Now I can be proud of who I am and the choices I make.

You all should be proud of the work you do every single day. I promise it doesn’t go without acknowledgment. We are all so thankful that God placed you in our lives, and I can’t wait to see whose life you’re going to change next. You are all heroes in my book. I will cherish every moment, every high, every low, and every lifelong memory.

Thank you!

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