Today's "Share the Love" Feature: Judith Borraz Martinez, Former Mentee

Below are some snippets from Judith's senior essay sharing what the Marietta Mentoring for Leadership Program has meant to her:

Throughout my time in high school, I have been able to see doors open before me that I thought would never open. In other words, I have been able to experience and receive amazing opportunities that I never imagined myself taking part in. However, these opportunities did not present themselves before me out of chance, but because of Mentoring for Leadership and all of the wonderful individuals that take part in it. 

The amazing individuals who I have had the pleasure of meeting through Mentoring for Leadership have had a tremendous impact on me. One of them being Mrs. Kellogg, who has been like a second mother to me throughout high school. She has provided me with many wonderful opportunities that have left me with experiences I will never forget - one of which was the opportunity to apply for the POSSE scholarship. Had it not been for her, I would have been completely oblivious, and I would not be a proud recipient of it today. Mrs. Kellogg also introduced me to my mentor, who would later become the sister I never had, Blanca Rojo. She and I have grown very close throughout the years, and in her I have found a shoulder to lean on. Having her in my life has helped me rid myself of insecurities regarding my future.

Not only does Blanca help me, but she also devotes herself to help others like myself and my family. These amazing women are just two of the individuals in Mentoring for Leadership who serve as role models that push me to dream big and believe in myself - and as an example of the program.  

Mentoring for Leadership has helped me take several steps closer to my dreams and aspirations, which is nothing less than a blessing, and for that I will always be thankful. 

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