Today's "Share the Love" Feature: Kendrick McQueen, Former Mentee

Below are some snippets from Kendrick's senior essay sharing what the Marietta Mentoring for Leadership Program has meant to him:

Rewind to the year 2014. Here you have a weird, introverted, socially awkward seventh grader that has just been told that he is going to be mentored by a complete stranger. Now let me tell you, I was not very fond of the idea to begin with considering it would require me to step out of my cozy shell and actually have to talk to people. On top of that, I felt that I did not need a mentor because I already had a “mini” mentor in my brother. My brother was already part of the program at the time, so I was aware what was in store.

Fast forward to the present and I have one of the best mentors I could ask for, Mr. Byron Harrison, and four wonderful women (can’t forget about Mrs. Joyce) that I can always come to you for guidance, any mentoring for leadership family for life. Throughout the past five years, I have been given knowledge, experience, and friendships for mentoring for leadership and that is only the beginning.

So as I write, I ask myself “How has the Mentoring for Leadership program impacted my life?” The program has not only helped me step out of my shell, but get rid of the shell completely. But most importantly, the program has helped fill the holes in my life that desperately needed feeling. And with all that said I’d like to thank everyone; Ms. Joyce, Matt, Ms. Claire, Mrs. Kristen, Mr Quinten, Mr. Rick, Khalil, Lamar, Mr. Byron, my mother and most importantly Mrs. Kellogg. I think all of you for everything you’ve done for me and just know this will not be the last year you hear for me! 

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