Today's "Share the Love" Feature: Pete Nail, Mentor of Nakia Berniard

This is Pete Nail, a volunteer mentor in the Marietta Mentoring for Leadership Program.

Eight years ago, Mrs. Marge Kellogg asked me if I would be interested in participating in her program. She claimed that I would be a good match for one of her "kids”.

Some quick background information, we have been friends with Marge and Russ Kellogg for well over 30 yrs. We met when our sons were on the same little League / T- ball team. At that time Marge was a Marietta Middle School teacher. We were always impressed with Mrs. "K"s passion and dedication to her students. There is no question that education is the basis for a successful and a fulfilling life and her program gave every kid who participated in it that chance.

Following her teaching career, she continued with the Marietta Mentoring for Leadership Program. The directors of this program could not have picked a more perfect leader than Marge Kellogg. Besides her passion and dedication to the kids, Mrs. K has the unique ability to match her students with the right mentors. In many cases this student/mentor relationship lasts long after their Marietta school days. Case in point, I was introduced to Nakia Berniard when he was in the ninth grade. We quickly discovered we had a lot in common. He played football as did I when I was in high school. We both love college football (he is a big LSU fan where I'm a UGA guy - trust me he doesn't let me forget LSU were the national champions in 2019. As a UGA fan, I'm still waiting).

Our meetings were not always light-hearted and fun conversations. We spent many hours at our favorite restaurant, the Marietta Diner, discussing the future. Since he knew I was a Vietnam veteran, he felt that the armed services might be a good path to pursue. I'm very pleased to report he is in the final days of completing a four year commitment in the Navy. He has truly been to places in the world that many of us will never see. Nakia's next step may well be in law enforcement with the Marietta City or Cobb County police. Again, this all started when Marge Kellogg introduced us 8 yrs. ago.

In closing, both Ann and I wish Marge nothing but the best in her retirement. She has made a tremendous contribution to the Marietta community. There is no question she has helped many kids succeed.


Pete Nail

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